Frequently Asked Questions



How old do children need to be to use the creche? 

We can take babies from as young as 6 weeks and upwards. They will be in safe hands with our qualified, experienced child minders and our numbers are capped based on the ages we have booked in. 

For the older/teenage kids we have Netflix and an Xbox to keep it fun for them as well. 


Do the childminders have qualifications? 

All of our staff have blue cards (Working with Children).

And all of our creche workers have Child Service Certificate/Diploma, First Aid, CPR, as a minimum.  And are very experienced, so you can be totally relaxed knowing they are in safe hands. 


I am breastfeeding exclusively, is this okay? 

Please keep in mind with the younger babies and if you are breastfeeding exclusively you may need to do shorter appointments to begin with to accomodate your little one and work with their feeding schedule. We also have nursing areas for you to use before or after your appointment. 

If your babies are bottle fed, we have a dedicated bottle station to store and make bottles so your children will be well fed and happy in our creche. 


How much does the creche cost? 

The creche is complimentary! How good! 


What do I need to bring to the creche? 

Your child will need the following: 

Enough nappies, wipes and bum cream for your visit. Clearly labelled bottles - portioned out with water and correct formula in a dispenser or appropriate amount of breast milk. If your child is due for a meal, food will need to be clearly labelled and include utensils. Labelled sippy cup. Spare clothes including bibs and underwear. Comforters, such as dummy, cuddle toy or blankies or anything extra that they like to have with them. 

Please make sure your children use the toilet before entering creche.


Do you have to be a mum to come to the salon? 

Not at all!!! We have many clients who are not mums. Everyone is welcome. 


How do I book? 

Our online booking system is the easiest way, you can view all available appointments and see in an instant what times will suit you, as well as being able to see our service menu and prices. 

However if you don't like to book online you can contact us via email, facebook, instagram or phone and we will help you to make a booking.